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Welcome to HotSheet Email!
HotSheet offers two email plans to suit your needs. Superior tech support is available with our Storage Plus service, which is $25 annually. Our Free service has limited tech support available, but is a good option to use for an extra email account. It should not be used as a mission critical email account. Free accounts that are inactive over three months can be deleted or messages removed.
Features exceptional phone and email support directly from the email provider. Includes more storage, no ads and will work with most email programs, like Outlook, etc. Includes 3GB Storage, Webmail Access, No Advertising, SPAM Shield Pro, Anti-Virus, IMAP, POP, SMTP, 25MB Large File Attachments, Email Support, Inactive Account Does Not Expire and includes 14-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. » Storage Plus Signup
FREE, Ad-Supported Email
A basic, ad-supported free email account providing 1GB of storage, webmail access, SpamShield Lite, Anti-Virus and 25MB File Attachments. There is limited tech support available and more restrictions on message content that may be considered spam. Inactive accounts will have messages deleted after only 60 days of inactivity! A free account is not recommended for a business account or critical personal account. Please use one of the Mail Plus services for mission critical email. » Signup for Free Account

If you have a free hotsheet.com email address and need assistance, use an alternate email account and Email Hotsheet.com with your Hot Sheet email account and a summary of the problem you are having. We will submit a case to the email provider who will try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.
If you use one of the paid email services, you can contact the email provider directly at the number you received when you upgraded your account. To upgrade to our enhanced email with more storage and direct support, go to Options and then click Buy Email Upgrades.

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